Sunday after July 4th – Kids’ Church

We are sent into the world with the Good News of God’s Love

Living on ceremonial land once used by the Miwok people, we honor and express our gratitude to all the nations that lived here before us and acknowledge the shame of our forebears who forcibly conquered and occupied this land and promise not to forget our debt to their sacrifice.
Harvey Milk of San Francisco was murdered in his district supervisor’s office at City Hall. An advocate for Gay rights and AIDS victims, he is shown wearing the upside down triangle of homosexuals marked for exterminated in Nazi death camps.
Our Lady is depicted by Rbt. Lentz as the mother of all who have been separated from their parents or have been lost to violence.
Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Our church is a sacred space for sharing individual gifts and diverse views as we seek to embody the love of God in San Rafael and the world. Inspired by intellectual curiosity and generous hospitality, we strive to provide a welcoming place where all can deepen their understanding and experience of God’s liberating love through prayer, worship, and service.