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January 15 Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of California: Here

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Lenten Fellowship and Discussion

Join us on Sundays in Lent as we contemplate symbols of our faith in the context of the covenant of baptism.  Each Sunday we’ll reflect together on a different story and symbol and explore their meaning for our faith, our community, and our life in the world.

February 21: Water
February 28: Salt
March 7: Fire
March 14: Cross
March 21: Bread 

On this Second Sunday in Lent we reflect on Salt
Not eaten by itself, salt is sprinkled on other foods to bring out their unique flavor. It is also used to preserve foods. Salt mixes with food but doesn’t lose its own distinctiveness.

A sign of the covenant, salt shared signifies wholeness of relationship. Catechumens become one with the community but don’t lose their identity.

1. What is faith? How does faith lend wholeness to our lives? What are some characteristics of a faith-filled person, a faith fulled community?

2. Salt adds zest. How can we as followers of Christ make life palatable or preserve what nourishes?

3. Consider our broken world: alcoholism, abuse, depression. What are the causes of this brokenness? How might we assist in the process of healing?