History/Background 1957 – 2016

Church of the Redeemer had its beginnings in June 1957. Under the leadership of then Bishop Block, the mission was organized in the bayside subdivision of Glenwood. A portion of the McNear land grant, containing the McNear Ranch House, was purchased for the parish. Father Reginald Hammond was the first Priest. In December 1957 the first services were held in the ballroom of the house, and the priest lived on the upper floors. In 1964 a new building was constructed which now houses the church. For many years the McNear House was used for the parish house, the church office and as a venue for community events. Later, parts of the house were rented to a preschool and a drug & alcohol treatment program.

In October of 1989 the Loma Prieta earthquake and ensuing local ordinances pertaining to unreinforced masonry buildings led to a decision to sell the McNear House.

In 1992 Redeemer reverted from Parish to Mission status.

In 1994 the Diocese approved a lot split and the McNear House was sold. At the same time it was determined that the church would take over the privately owned preschool. Redeemer Preschool would become one of the primary focuses of Redeemer’s ministry to the community.

A Master Plan was prepared for a new building to house the school, remodeling of the church (to include offices previously housed in the McNear House) and construction of a new parish hall building. The school building was completed in 1995. Congregation members completed minor remodeling of the church, adding a bathroom (a kitchenette) and (an) office for our Priest over the following several years. As a pre-requisite for city approval for the new school building, plans for the parish hall were suspended for a minimum of five years.