How To Use A Labyrinth

lt’s really up to you – here are some suggestions:

  • This is a single path (unicursal) labyrinth -the way in is also the way out.
  • Walk between the lines – if you step across a line you will reverse direction!
  • Set your own pace. Go slowly, quickly, reverently or playfully. Pause if you wish and soak up the experience.
  • Several people may walk at the same time. lt’s OK to pass others or let them step around you.
    Just be graceful and considerate.
  • When you reach the center you have gone only half way. Stay there as long as you like, then walk out along the same path. You may quit any time by walking out across the paths – be mindful of others.
  • You may like to set a purpose for your walk – some question you are trying to resolve, or just walk and see what happens. Pay attention to your feelings and insights. Use whatever happens as a metaphor about life.
  • Breathe deeply and allow the labyrinth to clear your mind.
  • Walk with a friend. Have fun – be playful, giggle, chase each other. Skip or crawl. Sing or hum to yourself. Also try walking with a group – hold hands in a serpentine line.
  • Bless the Earth with every step. Feel a connection to the earth through the soles of your feet.
  • Caring for Sacred Space Take memories; leave only footprints.
  • If you brought a symbolic object to enhance your meditation, carry it in and out of the labyrinth and take it home to a special place. Some older labyrinths are filled with mementoes left by previous walkers – they become a distraction to others.
  • Perform random acts of kindness to the labyrinth; replace a dislodged paver, pull a weed, tamp down loose gravel, etc.
  • Please help keep the pathways clear and the center space clean, so the labyrinth can help the next travelers empty their minds.