Simply Meditation

Every Monday, 6:00 PM

5 minutes of basic instruction, questions & answers

15 minutes of silent meditation

10 minutes of walking meditation

15 minutes of silent meditation

Nothing more
  • It seems that it is our inherent nature to be still, quiet and free. Meditation can help us to experience this natural, peaceful and authentic state.
  • But often times while meditating the continual monolog that goes on in our minds will try to keep us from being still.
  • When thoughts arise, try visualizing that you are sitting beside a quiet stream. Take your distracting thought and gently place it on a passing leaf in the stream. Watch the leaf gently go downstream and out of sight.
  • Try to relax into a comfortable, upright alignment, with your shoulders back a little. Open your chest and your heart.
  • Some people find it helpful to focus on their breath while meditating. Becoming aware of each in-breath and each out-breath can be very settling.
  • Try not to judge your thoughts; don’t worry about returning to a quiet mind. Simply focus on your breath. Breathing in, breathing out.
  • Feel free to quietly leave at any time and if you are late, just quietly join in.