Lessons from the Labyrinth (March 15, 2017)

I have noticed a couple ladybugs on the Glenwood labyrinth this last week, but they always seem to fly away or hide under a weed before I can take their picture. Instead, I have included a picture of a thirsty ladybug on the baptismal font at the Bishop’s Ranch. Like the ladybug, I have also been extra thirsty this week. Perhaps this is because the weather is getting warmer and drier or perhaps this is because I have been ruminating on John 4, in which Jesus himself experiences thirst and asks a Samaritan woman for some water. Last Sunday, we explored the gift of listening in the context of Jesus’s conversation with Nicodemus (in John 3). This Sunday, we will explore the gift of tasting, drinking and quenching one’s thirst in the context of Jesus’s conversation with the Samaritan woman (in John 4). I invite you to consider times in your life when your physical thirst was most powerfully quenched; as well as times when your spiritual thirst felt most satiated. Also, what do you think it is that you most deeply thirst for?

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