Moving into Ordinary Time

After basking in the glory of the Resurrected Son during the seven weeks of Easter and then teeming with the creative power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and then most recently laughing and dancing with the Triune God during Pentecost tide, we now move into what is called “Ordinary Time.” This is a time when we are invited to see the presence of God in our everyday, ordinary lives; and I can’t imagine a better way to move into this time together than by discussing something as ordinary as bread. This Sunday, the Rev. Elizabeth DeRuff will be our guest preacher and she will talk to us about the holiness inherent in growing wheat and making ordinary bread, which we together make sacred every Sunday at the altar, through the power of the Spirit. The question for us to consider is: would we like to grow wheat on the property of Redeemer, wheat which we could then give to our excellent bread bakers (Joan and Carol Ann) to make into our Communion Bread? How amazing and wonderful would that be? Think about it. Pray about it. And just as God asked us Sarah in our reading from last Sunday, so I ask us, “Is anything too wonderful for the LORD?” (Genesis  18:14).

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