“Redeemer Lives!” Dec 1, 2017

Click here to read “Redeemer Lives!” Dec 1, 2017

Psalmathon Tomorrow at 2 PM

Today is the Feast Day of an Anglican deacon named Nicholas Ferrar who lived in England in the 17th century. He was a close friend of the Anglican priest and poet George Herbert; and he founded and led an intentional Christian community in a small village called Little Gidding in Cambridgeshire. Apparently, on a fairly regular basis, this Christian community would gather together and pray through the entire book of Psalms in one sitting. Although Fr. Christopher Martin and I did not know that our Advent Psalmathon would fall on the day after the Feast of Nicholas Ferrar when we first made our plans, we feel it’s God’s way of giving us a big thumbs up! Please join us in this deeply Christian, Anglican and Benedictine practice of reading through the Psalms. Come by Redeemer whenever and for however long you’d like tomorrow between 2 and 8 PM. Also, if you come by tomorrow, you’ll get a sneak peek at our new (experimental) liturgical configuration for Advent!

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