“Redeemer Lives!” Nov 3, 2017

Click here for “Redeemer Lives!” Nov 3, 2017

Happy Feast Days of All Hallows and All Souls!

Church of the Redeemer and Glenwood definitely know how to celebrate the Feast of All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween), as we proved once again this last Tuesday. What most people probably don’t know is that Halloween is the first day of the Church calendar’s Fall Triduum, which includes the Feast of All Saints (Nov 1) and the Feast of All Souls (Nov 2), days in which we commemorate the saints of the church as well as loved ones who have departed. The Celts considered these days to be the “thinnest time of the year,” a season when the veil between time and eternity can easily become transparent. The Fall Triduum invites us to reflect on the reality of death while also reminding us that in death, life is changed, not ended; and even at the grave we make our song: “Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.” In fact, the Fall Triduum even invites us to laugh in the face of death, which has now lost its sting, thanks to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this way, the practice of trick-or-treating remains in tune with the spirit of the season as we laugh, play and eat candy while surrounded by ghosts and goblins and other bizarre creatures.

Our celebration of the Fall Triduum continues this Sunday as we commemorate Redeemers’ 60th year and welcome a new member (Ryan Cutchin) into the Body of Christ through the sacrament of baptism. We do all of this all under the umbrella of “All Saints” and “All Souls,” as we remember all the saints and beloved souls who have kept Redeemer alive and well over the years; and as we look forward to a new generation of saints who will help us share the love of the Redeemer in San Rafael and the world for at least another 60 years!

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