“Redeemer Lives!” Sept 8, 2017

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Participating in the Cosmic Christ

In preparation for Bishop Marc’s visit this Sunday, I’ve been reading a book that he co-wrote with spiritual author and Episcopal priest Matthew Fox. It’s called Stations of the Cosmic Christ. The concept of the “Cosmic Christ” is the same truth expressed in last Sunday’s Hebrew Scripture reading, when God revealed Godself to Moses as “I AM.” We all participate in God through our participation in existence; so therefore, all of creation is shot through with divinity; or in the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins, “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.” Our Jewish brothers and sisters call this omnipresent indwelling of divinity the “Image of God” and Buddhists call it the “Buddha nature.” The idea that not only humanity but all of creation has been stamped with the image of God can be overwhelming and daunting, as it challenges us to treat each part of creation with profound respect (even that annoying bug flying around my head!). We need spiritual practices to help us live this way and that is exactly what the bishop’s book provides through art, poetry and meditations. Moreover, the spiritual practice of weekly Eucharist helps us to see and appreciate God in all things, as we attend to the sacredness of a single piece of bread and sip of wine. Fox writes, “When we eat this bread and drink this life force we ingest and render intimate the Cosmic Christ in all beings, the food of the universe itself. We connect to the most distant stars and galaxies of the universe when we take our food and nourishment. What is more satisfying than that? What is more intimate than that?” (32). I look forward to participating with the bishop and you all in this intimate and satisfying experience of the Cosmic Christ!

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