“Redeemer Lives!” Sept 15, 2017

Click here for “Redeemer Lives” September 15, 2017

Redeemer is Trending!

f you don’t receive the weekly email updates from the Diocese of California called “DioBytes,” I strongly encourage you to sign up for them here. If you do receive DioBytes, then you probably already saw that the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer was featured prominently in the latest newsletter. We were also featured on the diocese’s instagram account. So one might say that we are trending on the interwebs these days. Or in the words of Mugatu from Zoolander, we are “so hot right now.” I want to thank everyone for making last Sunday such a blast. The Bishop was very excited to see such a great turnout. I want to especially thank Ann Zolezzi, Cindy Smith, Jessica Luiz, Kelly Mason, Julia Smith, Kristin Maguire (the president of the preschool board), Paula Zand and Gail Spencer for helping make it a wonderful day. What a great team! Also, much thanks to Bob B. for taking photos which I look forward to sharing with you all soon!

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