The Binding of Isaac

My favorite artist is the 20th century Russian Jewish artist Marc Chagall; and I’m grateful that I have had the opportunity to visit the Musée Marc Chagall in Nice, France twice. The last time I visited, I asked Ashley to take a picture of me by one of his works, partly to show how enormous his paintings are. This painting, which is from a series called Message Biblique, portrays the Binding of Isaac or the Akedah (which is Hebrew for “Binding”). It is one of the most powerful, challenging and disturbing stories in the entire Bible and perhaps in all of Western literature in which Abraham is called by God to sacrifice his beloved son Issac. And I get to preach on it this Sunday! Yipee! Marc Chagall’s painting has been helping me ruminate prayerfully on this text for a while and I’m looking forward to hearing what the Spirit will speak through me about the Akedah this Sunday (:

After this Sunday, you will get to hear the Rev. Dr. Arthur Holder preach on the Song of Songs (the great love poem of the Bible that also inspired several Chagall paintings) and then a sermon from Br. Jude from the Society of St. Francis while I’m away on vacation for the next two Sundays, traveling through New York, where I will hopefully be able to view some more Chagall paintings at the Met.

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